High Impact Creations LLC Photography in Janesville, WI: Blog http://www.highimpactcreations.com/blog en-us High Impact Creations LLC jay@highimpactcreations.com (High Impact Creations LLC Photography in Janesville, WI) Mon, 16 Jul 2018 02:33:00 GMT Mon, 16 Jul 2018 02:33:00 GMT http://www.highimpactcreations.com/img/s/v-5/u531496898-o777315203-50.jpg High Impact Creations LLC Photography in Janesville, WI: Blog http://www.highimpactcreations.com/blog 80 120 2018 Art on the Square http://www.highimpactcreations.com/blog/2018/7/2018-art-on-the-square I had some time to get away today and check out the Madison Art on the Square event. This annual event is organized and run by the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art. The entire downtown square is filled with vendors that come from all over the country, food stands and refreshments invite guests at every corner and side street. All forms of artwork is represented: wood crafts, pottery, jewelry, glass blowing, metal sculpting, paintings, drawings, photos, photos, and more photos. Did I mention the photography arts were well represented? 

There were vendors specializing in Western themed photos, some that mixed world travels, others that were surreal, and even a booth that featured massive photos of underwater coral. This was very vivid indeed! I was mostly impressed with these artists. After all they come in from all over the country and have to haul all of their massive prints to downtown Madison, set up and man the tent in the heat and sometimes rain. The prices on some of these pieces were over $3000! Given all the cost associated with this, I can understand  why.

Overall, my trip to Art on the Square did recharge my artistic batteries a bit. I tried to get a card from all of the artists that I found impressive and I am going to pass links to them right here for anyone else interested in checking out their work.

Rudolph De Ram, De Ram Photography

Karina Hergo, Karina Hergo

Ed Myers, www.lionoptic.com

Lijah Hanley, www.LijaHanley.com

Xavier Nuez, Xavier Nuez Contemporary Photography

As I said, there were certainly more artists that I found inspiring but not everyone had a card out on display. Speaking of displays, you'll notice that this blog post does not contain any photos of the booths. Photographers generally do not allow others to take pictures of their art pieces. I feel the same way--and I left my camera phone in my pocket. 

For those that are looking for an update on the 105.9 The Hog Rock Girl Calendar, I finished handing the final photos off to the printer. The official release party will be at Sneakers Bar and Grill in Janesville this Thursday evening. The Rock Girls will be on hand to sign your copy of the calendar! See you there!


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2019 Rock Girls: The Results Are In! http://www.highimpactcreations.com/blog/2018/6/2019-rock-girls-the-results-are-in

Round 3 of the 105.9 The Hog 2019 Rock Girl Calendar contest is in the books and we have our winners! From left to right in the above photo, the 2019 Rock Girls are: Laura, Brooke, Marissa, Stephanie, Chelsie, and Victoria. Congratulations ladies! The competition was tough and the judges had their work cut out for them. For those that are curious: High Impact Creations will be shooting the calendar over the course of next week. The calendar release date is July 19th. Sneakers Bar and Grill will host the reveal from 6pm-9pm. Come out and get your calendar signed by the rock girls!

The final theme for this round was bikinis--which was perfect given the 90+ degree temperature! Sweltering summer heat didn't keep the crowd away and it certainly didn't hamper the performance of the band, Pilot, cranking out a mixture of 80s metal and rock favorites. Pilot was an excellent choice for this event. They cover all the popular rock songs, such as AC/DC, Motley Crue, Dio, and even Journey, but with the talented Shelley Faith on vocals. 




































I will definitely add Pilot to my list of local favorites. That's three weeks and three bands in a row, if you're keeping score. The Anchor Inn knows how find the good bands, their entertainment schedule includes bands, comedians, midget wrestling, and probably more than I can think of at this time. Their calendar is online here. Last week I commented that I would definitely go out to see Denim n Leather again given the chance. Well, I just found out they will be in Evansville on July 4th--so if you see me there, say, "hi!" 

One last quick plug on upcoming shows that I want to mention even though it doesn't have anything to do with the Rock Girl Calendar, is the 80s live music concert in Elkhart Lake this Friday night. My understanding is that this is one band with about 4 different singers, which gives them the ability to cover all things metal and rock from the 80s! I've heard nothing but great reviews on this so check it out!


I'll be adding one more contest post this week with plenty of photos. Keep watching this blog though, I will have plenty more Rock Girl related posts up to and through the July 19th reveal. 












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Rock Girl Calendar Contest Week 2 Roundup http://www.highimpactcreations.com/blog/2018/6/rock-girl-calendar-contest-week-2-roundup

I am a bit late posting this but I've had a busy schedule this week. Sunday marked the second round of the 105.9 The Hog Rock Girl contest. The weather wasn't going to cooperate for an outdoor show but, fortunately, having a great venue like the Anchor Inn means the show will go on indoors! I thought Cherrie Pie put on an excellent show last week and likely would be a high water mark as far as 80s cover bands go. But I was wrong! This week Denim n Leather played--even with a scaled down stage for the indoor venue, they blew me away with an 80s rock playlist I swear they stole off my streaming account! 

The opening song was "Long Stick Goes Boom" by Krokus. Krokus is slightly off the beaten bath for casual 80s rock fans but for me, the Krokus "Alive and Kicking" album is still one of my favorites. Krokus is still out there touring, by the way, and they sound just as good now as they did back in the day--which is yet another reason why I was impressed to hear a band covering them but sounding just as good. Denim n Leather is four solid musicians that have no problem recreating whatever they decide to add to their set list. Sunday they covered everything from Randy Rhoads era Ozzy, to Iron Maiden, and Dio. Of course you'll find the occasional Motley Crue cover and GnR cover but they weren't afraid to stray from the well worn path with songs like, "Ten Seconds" and "Rocket Queen." I hope this band gets another shot at the outdoor stage at the Anchor Inn, I certainly wouldn't miss it!

2019 Rock Girl Calendar contestants competed with a sporty and sexy theme. There wasn't much overlap from one costume to the next. There was a cheerleader, a boxer, a couple baseball jerseys, a tennis player, and an assortment of other sports themed outfits. 2018 Rock Girl Kendra sat on the judges

panel for The Hog. Kendra was in both the 2017 and the 2018 calendars. She gets my vote for dealing with the most difficult shoot concept ever: the air conditioning shoot. How do you make an air conditioner sexy and rock n roll? Check the 2018 calendar to find out! 

Winners of this year's contest will face the same challenges of modeling for the calendar sponsors. That means representing the sponsor's product or service. The objective is to produce an image that the calendar's target audience will want to look at, while promoting the products and services of the sponsors, making the rock girl look hot but not objectifying or offending. Fortunately, the Hog has an excellent staff and they are fully engaged in the artistic direction of the calendar. 

Rock Girl contestants are also battling for fan favorite votes. You can cast your vote by visiting http://1059thehog.com/2019-rock-girl-fan-favorite/ online or stopping by this Sunday, June 17th, 4pm, at the Anchor Inn for the final contest round and the announcement of the 6 girls that will represent 105.9 The Hog in the next calendar. 

See you Sunday!


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2019 Rock Girl Calendar Round 1 (Part B) http://www.highimpactcreations.com/blog/2018/6/2019-rock-girl-calendar-round-1-part-b

My previous post regarding round1 of the 105.9 the Hog Rock Girl contest focused on the venue, Anchor Inn, and the band they brought in, Cherry Pie. This blog entry will focus more on the calendar and contest itself. For anyone not familiar, the contest runs for 3 weeks, an event is scheduled each week. During the event, contestants are required to dress according to a predetermined theme. this last Sunday was, "Night on the Town." During the next round, which is Sunday afternoon at the Anchor Inn, the theme will be, "Sporty and Sexy." The final round of the contest is on June 17th at the Anchor Inn, the theme will be bikinis! Each round runs from 4pm-6pm. I advise showing up early though to get a bite to each and to watch the band. 

Marissa This year we are fortunate to have 14 contestants competing for 6 spots. The calendar is made possible through the generous sponsorship of area businesses. Each rock girl will represent two businesses in the calendar. Please support these businesses and let them know you appreciate their support of the calendar:

  • Anchor Inn
  • Steve Caya (Attorney) 
  • Frank Bouche
  • Gordie Bouche
  • Armageddon
  • Xtreme Smoke
  • Sneakers Bar and Grill
  • Burns Full Service
  • Rock River Marina
  • Ultra Green
  • Rock County Fence and Deck
  • Team Power Center
  • Komfort Heating/Cooling

A keen eye will notice that there are 13 sponsors but only 12 months. That 13th sponsor is on the cover of the calendar.

Contest judges generally come from the sponsors. As the photographer, I spend more time with the contestants behind the scenes and some of the contestants are returning from the previous year. For those reasons, I am not a judge myself--I simply try to help anyone and everyone do the best they can during the contest and let the judges sort it all out!

Speaking of judges: you can be a judge yourself in the "fan favorite" competition. Simply select your favorite rock girl contestant and vote for her every day! Here is a link to that contest: http://1059thehog.com/2019-rock-girl-fan-favorite/ .

Regardless of who the final 6 rock girls are, I am really impressed with each of these contestants. As I said, I spend more time talking to them before, during, and after the event. That first day is especially challenging for the girls because they don't know what to expect and nerves start to set in. It really takes guts to put yourself out there in a competition like this in front of strangers. Next Sunday, during round 2, take the time to pull these girls aside and thank them for putting themselves out there! They will appreciate it, I promise!

Rock girls throw beads out to the crowd at Anchor Inn.

I promised more photos from the event so I am including a bunch of completely random photos here. I will be blogging some more and including more photos in those posts as well. Thanks for stopping by!

Cherry Pie Stephanie.























































Alli Jessie
















Victoria Brooke


















Laura Chelcie

















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2019 Rock Girl Calendar Contest Round 1 http://www.highimpactcreations.com/blog/2018/6/2019-rock-girl-calendar-contest-round-1

Sunday afternoon officially marked the beginning of the 105.9 The Hog 2019 Rock Girl Calendar contest. As I mentioned previously, this year brings major changes to the contest, starting with the venue. The Anchor Inn up in Newville is the new home of contest. The Anchor's new owner, Kevin, and the entire staff really know how to draw a crowd and keep the good times rolling. If you haven't had a chance to get out there yet, find the time! I find myself visiting there more and more frequently these days both for the food and for the entertainment. The Anchor Inn pulls in live entertainment all weekend long. Sometimes a single musician will in the dining area and, at other times, they book top bands from Milwaukee, like the Toys and Cherry Pie. 

Such was the case on Sunday: Cherry Pie came out and just rocked that event. Between the calendar contest and the band, the place was packed! I don't ever recall seeing a bigger crowd for the calendar contests. Now, with a name like Cherry Pie, the music better be good. Somehow "good" doesn't quite cover it. These guys were awesome! They covered all the best 80s hard rock and metal favorites and they did it without butchering a note! Admittedly, this is the first time I had a chance to see them but rest assured: I won't miss another visit whenever they come around! 

Besides the abundance of musical talent and great taste, they guys in Cherry Pie were down to earth and very accommodating of the contest. Normally, I would make sure the girls all get up on the stage for a dance at some point but I was reluctant to intrude on the band given the tight space up there. Regardless, the girls all ended up on the stage for a couple of songs and band worked right through it. The top photo is from that moment. Hats off to Cherry Pie. 

That girl in red is Stephani, one of the Rock Girl hopefuls. This picture doesn't quite capture it, but the drummer is shredding one of his drumsticks here--which I think was the ending of "Sweet Child 'O Mine."

Here's another shot of some of the contestants up on stage. 

I'll be adding some more blogs featuring more event photos as the week rolls on. But here is a couple of more random photos from the event.

High heels on the catwalk to the stage. Normally, a photo like this just wouldn't fit into my final offering of photos to an event client. I might share something like this on my Facebook page though. Photographically speaking, this photo doesn't have much merit. Artistically, I always like throw in random stuff like this--particularly for boudoir oriented shoots. 

To the left is a photo of Rock Girl hopeful Aimee. She was kind enough to lend me her smile while I was scoping out areas to take the headshots of the contestants. I was hoping to avoid fighting the sun outside but this was looking too much like portraiture and not enough like rock girl headshots so I scrapped it. I'll share the headshots in a later post. 

This wraps up this blog post. I'll be sharing another post shortly with more photos and stories from the contest.

--Jay Mielke




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2019 Rock Girl Calendar Contest http://www.highimpactcreations.com/blog/2018/6/2019-rock-girl-calendar-contest Making of 2018 Rock Girl CalendarBehind the scenes during the 2018 Rock Girl Calendar photo shoots.

I happy to announce that High Impact Creations LLC will, once again, team up with 105.9, the Hog, to create the 2019 Rock Girl Calendar. This marks the third consecutive calendar that High Impact Creations has created for the The Hog, and I am thrilled to have another opportunity to create excellence! The management and staff at the Hog are a delight to deal with and we seem to have gravitate towards the same concepts rather quickly. 

The Rock Girl Calendar models are chosen through a 3 week contest. The previous calendar contests were hosted by the Janesville Harley Davidson Dealer at their Tuesday night Bike Night Event. This creates the perfect backdrop for a rock girl calendar but change is in the air! This year the Anchor Inn will host the Rock Girl contests starting tomorrow, June 3rd! Last year the Anchor Inn changed ownership, and if you've paid any attention to all the events booked at the Anchor Inn throughout the winter and spring, I think you'll agree that the Rock Girl Calendar contest has found the perfect new home! The Anchor Inn regularly brings in top entertainment with bands like Pink Houses, The Toys, and Cherry Pie. Speaking of which: Cherry Pie will be the featured band tomorrow afternoon at the Anchor Inn during the calendar contest! How can it get any better than that?! 

At any rate, the contest dates are June 3rd, June 10th, and June 17th, from 4pm - 6pm. But get their early to catch the bands! Here's the Facebook Event links for each day:

For those who might not be familiar with High Impact Creations LLC, High Impact Creations is my creative outlet, my name is Jay Mielke. If you see a short guy with a beard loaded down with camera equipment, it is probably me! Please come over and say, "hi." 

Even though the competition is tomorrow, there's always room for last minute contestants. Email 1059thehog@gmail.com for more information. Each contest day has a different theme so you'll definitely want to make sure you contact The Hog ahead of time if you're planning on competing.

Throughout June I will be sharing photos and stories from this years contest and previous contests right here. For now, here is a glimpse of behind the scenes footage taken during the 2018 Rock Girl Calendar Shoot. Enjoy!


This is 2018 Rock Girl Allie. This is an outtake from the Sneakers Sports Bar and Grill sponsored shoot. 

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Boot Race on Crutches http://www.highimpactcreations.com/blog/2017/6/boot-race-on-crutches

This is a photo from the Big Hat Rodeo in Union Grove last night immediately after the boot race. The boot race is an event where all the kids come down to the center of the arena. Each kid tosses one boot in the pile then proceeds down to the beginning line, which is at the end of the arena. The first 3 kids to run back to the center, put their shoe back on, and run back to the starting line, are the winners. At any rate, this young man comes down wearing a cast and crutches knowing there was no way he was going to place in that race. But he did it anyway and he stuck to his guns.

That really sums up the spirit of the rodeo competitor--at least as far as my observations go. I've seen bronc riders get on a bronc with broken ankles or broken ribs and still give it their best. Barrel racers sometimes get out to the first barrel only to find out their horse has other plans but they still work through and complete the ride. That's the attitude: get in there, give it your best shot, stick with it until the job is done. 

The kid in this photo was just given a rope by the one of the calf roping competitors as a souvenir. Perhaps some day this kid will compete in the rodeo!

jay@highimpactcreations.com (High Impact Creations LLC Photography in Janesville, WI) Union Grove boot race crutches rodeo http://www.highimpactcreations.com/blog/2017/6/boot-race-on-crutches Sat, 17 Jun 2017 17:27:03 GMT
Shooting Video at the 2016 Rock County Thresheree http://www.highimpactcreations.com/blog/2016/9/shooting-video-at-the-2016-rock-county-thresheree I have always enjoyed the Rock County Thresheree. Some of the equipment reminds me of the days of my youth. I grew up in the country and worked at various farms. Something about mechanical farm machinery fascinated me then and it still fascinates me now. I think that is what eventually led me into a technical career. Yes, I realize that many of my readers know me as a photographer but I am also very technically oriented--I have a degree in electronic engineering technology and spent 22 years as a broadcast engineer. Now days I work in the IT world but I still provide technical services to the broadcast industry as well. 

Okay, back to the post. Earlier this year I added to the High Impact Creations camera arsenal with the purchase of a Canon 1Dx Mark II. This is the flagship camera in the Canon lineup, it is the same camera you'll see on the NFL sidelines attached to a massive lens. The purchasing decision for this camera was driven by the rodeo photography work I do during the rodeo season. My previous goto camera was the Canon 5D Mark III. At 6 frames per second, it wasn't quite fast enough to catch broncos in a full extended buck. The Canon 1Dx Mark II, on the other hand, is able to capture 14 frames per second! Needless to say, the rodeo photo galleries are far bigger this year than in previous years! 

The Canon 1Dx Mark II is also the first camera in the Canon lineup to shoot 4K video. I've shot several HD quality videos with the 1Dx but I haven't had a chance to test out the 4K. This is where the Thresheree comes in. The Thresheree is the perfect venue for testing out 4K video, and that's what I did on Sunday! The video here is a collection of raw clips from that shoot. Obviously, the video isn't streaming at 4K. My web host provider also limits videos to 20 minutes so I had to trim this back a bit. But, if you enjoy mechanical things and you missed the fun, stare at this for a bit. 

A few technical notes: This was shot at 1/50s shutter speed using various apertures and ISO settings. The opening sequence shot in the metal buildings was shot at ISO 4000 f2.8. Outside shots were about ISO 100 f16 just like the sunny 16 rule. The frame rate is 23.98 fps. Audio was passed through a shotgun mic to a Tascam DR-60DMKII recorder. Although the Tascam's audio track is mixed in here, it is buried underneath the audio track from the camera, which was taken from a line out of the Tascam DR-60DMKII. No effects were applied to this video, everything is straight out of the camera.


jay@highimpactcreations.com (High Impact Creations LLC Photography in Janesville, WI) Edgerton Rock Thresheree agriculture antique engines steam tractor http://www.highimpactcreations.com/blog/2016/9/shooting-video-at-the-2016-rock-county-thresheree Thu, 08 Sep 2016 11:09:09 GMT
Elkhorn Friday Night Rodeo http://www.highimpactcreations.com/blog/2016/8/elkhorn-friday-night-rodeo High Impact Creations is the official photographer for the Big Hat Rodeo series. Big Hat Rodeos take place all over the Midwest. We're fortunate to have them close to use for this weekend at Elkhorn, WI. Here is a quick look at the highlights from last night's show. The photos will be posted and available for purchase later this week.

jay@highimpactcreations.com (High Impact Creations LLC Photography in Janesville, WI) Rodeo barrels broncos bulls calf clowns cowboy horses spurs http://www.highimpactcreations.com/blog/2016/8/elkhorn-friday-night-rodeo Sat, 20 Aug 2016 19:56:58 GMT
The Dog Days of Summer http://www.highimpactcreations.com/blog/2016/8/the-dog-days-of-summer Once again, I let entirely too much time go by between making blog posts here. I suppose I can make a promise to update it more frequently--but past is prologue! At any rate, most of my updates have been on the High Impact Creations Facebook page here: www.facebook.com/highimpactcreations. I'll recap some of the major events I've been involved in this year in this post and then elaborate on some of the more exciting events in later posts (I promise!) 

I try to share some of my photographic philosophy in these posts--I do not position them as a marketing strategy. High Impact Creations customers see the work and decide for themselves if High Impact Creations is the right fit for their needs. So these posts are for anyone that would like to know my philosophy on photography, modeling, hanging curtains, or just about anything else. 

Here's a quick recap of some of the major events this year. I had a couple of major pageant contestants stop in for pageant head shots. Pageant head shots require an entirely different approach than your typical, garden variety, head shot. The High Impact pageant look is glamour and big hair! Finding the right angle and styling is extremely important to me. I will take hundreds of head shots until I think I have the right one. Of course, the client is going to be the final judge of that! 


Speaking of pageants, I actually had the opportunity to volunteer as a judge in a couple of Illinois pageants in the past few months. I have some thoughts to share in that regard so keep looking back here. 

I was on the Beloit Fine Art Incubator annual photo contest jury again this year. This was the second year for me. Judging photos can be pretty tough. Some of the rules specify the photo has to have a minimum amount of post processing. Color adjustments and such are fine--but pixel manipulation is a mouse stroke too far! While judging images I really had to pose the question time and again: is it possible to take this image and then apply basic adjustments to it to get this effect? As a judge I really wanted to be sure I was fair and applied the same standard to every photo. In the end, the winners really had some good stuff--I actually wish I had more time to do the same time of photography they were doing: landscapes, fields, and such. There's plenty of good photographers in the Midwest that can produce those types of images. I'll throw the name Derek Ace out there as a photographer to check out if you like desert landscapes and Route 66 or South Dakota ghost town inspired images. He's one of the best at that genre. 

Along those same lines, if you like weather photography, Janesville's own Tom Purdy is the master at it. Check out his work. To get those images, he had to spend quite a bit of time studying weather and clouds. He had to learn where to be and when. I'd hate to guess how many miles he puts on his vehicles each year gathering those images. But he is also another photographer to check out if you are into that sort photography. 

I guess in the same way, I've spent quite a bit of time studying lighting, studying and perfecting fashion/glamour editing techniques, and, of course posing. Photography is never about just having a great camera, it is the combination of posing, lighting, and energy. Yes, believe it or not, the right energy on the set will make or break a shoot! The photographer is responsible for setting that tone and maintaining the energy on the set. I guess that's a tip I'll throw out there for anyone looking at getting into photography: your attitude will be reflected an amplified by your subjects in their final photos. Make it count!

This post is going to go long so here's a few other highlights from this year that I'll be talking about more in the near future, promise: I had the opportunity to cover the Wisconsin Broadcaster's Association annual awards dinner, the Wisconsin Broadcaster's Association annual Hall of Fame induction, then Vetsroll.org portraits of many WWII and Korean vets, the 2017 105.9 rock Girl Calendar, Speaker Ryan's sports calendar, the Indy Race up at Road America, the US Surgeon General at the Rockford University Commencement Ceremony, rodeos, and so much more! 

I'll try to cover some of those adventures in future ramblings. Until then, keep your batteries charged and your lens cap off!

Jason Mielke

High Impact Creations LLC




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Results From the Beloit Fine Arts Incubator Photo Competition http://www.highimpactcreations.com/blog/2015/3/results-from-the-beloit-fine-arts-incubator-photo-competition Well I really do neglect this blog. I think it is a procrastination issue. That combined with being a Libra that ends up with a tortured, deadlocked mind on just about any decision I guess. But if I am not attentive here, it certainly isn’t because I haven’t been busy! I’ve had several projects in the works. One of these projects I shot the photographs in the fall and most of the work is in post-production (Photoshop.)

I met several area photographers on Friday night at the Beloit Fine Arts Incubator. This year I was asked to judge the 4th Annual Photography Show with the theme of, “People, places, and things.” Judging another photographer’s photos is a tough gig! As a photographer I know everything that went into capturing the photo, editing it, and then making a decision to submit that photo to a juried photo competition. The harsh reality is: juried photo competitions are going to be absolutely honest with what they think of your photos! Let’s face it, photographers are passionate about their art and are encouraged by family and friends—people that want to be supportive and who don’t necessarily know anything about photography. So, for many, this is the first time they might actually receive honest feedback on their work.

The competition received well over 200 photos! We could only take 100 photos so quite a few photos did not make it into the show. Of the photos that made it in, every one of them was amazing! The theme, “peoples, places, and things,” was quite broad, which made the judging all the more difficult. The top three winners were totally different in their themes and styles. Neither I nor the other judge had any knowledge of who the photographers of these photos were. The names were revealed to us only after all of the judging was done. We awarded the winners at the Beloit Fine Arts Incubator reception on Friday night. The third place winner won with a photo of the Rockford Times building. Yeah, I know that seems kind of simple but the photographer only photographed a portion of the building and framed in such a way that geometry grabbed the viewers’ attention and held it! Second place went to a 17 year girl still in high school! She captured an image of a dancer in an ally and framed it in such a panoramic style that juxtapositions the dancer with a missing brick in the wall behind her. Words really fail to convey this here. The 1st place winner went to Bill Eklund for his image, “Peaceable Kingdom,” which was taken at the Belvidere Park. Several of Bill’s landscape images made it into the competition and I enjoyed chatting with him and learning how he captured them.

All of these images will be on display at the Beloit Fine Arts Incubator for some time. This is definitely a gallery worth checking out. I believe this is an annual competition that is starting to build nicely as well—the reception was packed should to shoulder Friday night. This is yet another feather in the cap for Beloit’s arts community. If you are a photographer that submits to contests such as these, keep this one in mind next year.  

My next blog posting will include some specific comments about pictures and what makes a good picture—at least in my humble opinion. 


jay@highimpactcreations.com (High Impact Creations LLC Photography in Janesville, WI) Beloit Beloit Fine Arts Incubator art competition fine art gallery photographs http://www.highimpactcreations.com/blog/2015/3/results-from-the-beloit-fine-arts-incubator-photo-competition Mon, 09 Mar 2015 00:44:33 GMT
Picture a Day #165, 7-10-14 | Janesville Photographer http://www.highimpactcreations.com/blog/2014/7/picture-a-day-165-7-10-14-janesville-photographer Picture a Day #165, 7-10-14 | Janesville PhotographerPicture a Day #165, 7-10-14 | Janesville Photographer

Picture a Day #165, July 10th, 2014

I headed out this evening thinking I would catch a photo of the sun setting over a wheat field. I expect farmers to start harvesting any day now so I wanted to get that shot. Unfortunately, a rather uninspiring group of clouds blocked that shot so I had to go in a different direction.

This is a couple of photos taken at Gibbs Lake in Rock County. The photos are stacked one on another and blended to get this tone. The moon looks kinda small in the distance because of the wide angle lens I used. Saturday night will be a full moon, by the way.

At any rate, it was a beautiful night out in the country tonight. I saw several deer, a fox, and oh yeah: plenty of cows! Seriously, we have a week of excellent weather coming up, try to find the time to wander into the Wisconsin countryside as the sun is heading down, there really isn't anything like it! 


jay@highimpactcreations.com (High Impact Creations LLC Photography in Janesville, WI) Gibbs Lake Rock County lake pier summer water http://www.highimpactcreations.com/blog/2014/7/picture-a-day-165-7-10-14-janesville-photographer Fri, 11 Jul 2014 03:11:48 GMT
Picture a Day #164, 7-09-14 | Janesville Photographer http://www.highimpactcreations.com/blog/2014/7/picture-a-day-164-7-10-14-janesville-photographer Picture a Day #164, 7-10-14 | Janesville PhotographerPicture a Day #164, 7-10-14 | Janesville Photographer


Picture a Day #164, July 09th, 2014

This is a quick shot taken with my Samsung Galaxy 5. What a beautiful night it is--the kind of night that is perfect for a backyard fire, even if it is a Wednesday night! Summer flies by pretty fast and I don't want to waste one night of it! I hope you don't either.



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Picture a Day #163, 7-08-14 | Janesville Photographer http://www.highimpactcreations.com/blog/2014/7/picture-a-day-163-7-08-14-janesville-photographer Picture a Day #163, 7-08-14 | Janesville PhotographerPicture a Day #163, 7-08-14 | Janesville Photographer

Picture a Day #163, July 8th, 2014

Summer is flying by pretty fast and High Impact Creations has been busy with all kinds of photography assignments from weddings to event coverage. This weekend I'll be working with a Rockford client on a 2015 fitness calendar, the following week kicks off a series of shoots in Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois that I'll be announcing in a separate post, then I'll be into more event coverage and high school senior shoots. 

This is a huge contrast to the first and much of the second quarter of this year where my schedule was heavily loaded with model portfolio shoots. The difference between a model portfolio shoot and an event shoot, like a wedding or 5k race, or anything of that nature is dramatic as far as editing goes. Whenever I produce a modeling portfolio, each image that I release from that shoot is fully beauty edited. Beauty editing means removing flaws from the skin, stray hairs, sharpening the eyes, adjusting skin tones, and on and on. I will typically spend a minimum of 30 minutes on each image that I produce for a modeling portfolio. Keep in mind that when I talk about modeling portfolio I am not necessarily talking about agency submission photos. Agency submission photos receive very little editing as agencies would rather see the model they are working with rather than the skills of the photographer or retoucher. Sometimes, however, they are one in the same--it all depends on the situation.

So I haven't been spending much time this summer with beauty retouching and I wanted to try out some new techniques. This is a photo of Jada Marie taken during a photo shoot in March. The new techniques I used on her are simply a different way of editing skin than the methods I normally employ--not that there is anything wrong with her skin, but producing a beauty shot means going beyond the simple capture of the camera.

I am posting this image this morning because I had several computer problems last night. While editing this image, my computer completely locked up and I lost part of the work I had done. So I had to perform some of the edits multiple times.





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Picture a Day #162 | Janesvillle Photographer http://www.highimpactcreations.com/blog/2014/7/picture-a-day-162-janesvillle-photographer Picture a Day #162 | Janesvillle PhotographerPicture a Day #162 | Janesvillle Photographer

Picture a Day #162, July 7th, 2014

The Lilies are blooming today so I took the macro lens out for some exercise. This was taken in my front garden. Fortunately, the extremely shallow depth of field hides all of the thistles that I've neglected to pull due to time constraints. 


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Picture a Day #161, July 6th, 2014

My second dog, Macy, was crashed out on the dog bed in my office as I edited photos. The temptation to add a Crown Royal bottle and take a shot was just too great. :) 


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Picture a Day #160, July 5th, 2014

I am catching up on editing photos this weekend. This is a edit from an earlier shoot with Madison Rynn Johnson.


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Picture a Day #159 | 7-04-14 http://www.highimpactcreations.com/blog/2014/7/picture-a-day-159-7-04-14 Picture a Day #159 | 7-04-14Picture a Day #159 | 7-04-14

Picture a Day #159, July 4th, 2014

This is a "Reservoir Dogs" inspired shot taken by the second photographer at Ben and Stephanie's wedding on Saturday.


jay@highimpactcreations.com (High Impact Creations LLC Photography in Janesville, WI) groom wedding http://www.highimpactcreations.com/blog/2014/7/picture-a-day-159-7-04-14 Tue, 08 Jul 2014 01:41:09 GMT
Picture a Day #158 | 7-03-14 http://www.highimpactcreations.com/blog/2014/7/picture-a-day-158-7-03-14 Picture a Day #158 | 7-03-14Picture a Day #158 | 7-03-14

Picture a Day #158, July 3rd, 2014

This is another wedding image from Ben and Stephanie's wedding this last Saturday. High Impact Creations LLC was chosen to capture their memories. 



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Picture a Day #157, 7-02-14 | Janesville Photographer http://www.highimpactcreations.com/blog/2014/7/picture-a-day-157-7-02-14-janesville-photographer Picture a Day #157, 7-02-14 | Janesville PhotographerPicture a Day #157, 7-02-14 | Janesville Photographer

Picture a Day #157, July 2nd, 2014

I took this picture back in August or September last year but I pulled this photo out for a fresh edit. This is the from the Footville Rodeo. High Impact Creations LLC provides photos for the Footville Rodeo's promotional usage and you'll find another photo from this event on the rodeo event posters for the 2014 rodeo, which will be held 8/15-8/17 just outside of Footville.

High Impact Creations LLC will be gathering photos once again at the Footville rodeo and at several other rodeos in Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. 


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