High Impact Creations LLC Rodeo Photography

High Impact Creations LLC covers Big Hat Rodeo events in the Midwest. Photos are available for purchase out of our photo galleries in the links below. Please note, photo prints purchased out of these galleries is for private use only. If you are interested in licensing photos for commercial usage, such as event or performance promotion, please contact us to discuss licensing options.

Highlight video from Elkhorn Rodeo on 8-19-16.



2019 Rodeos

2019-09-20 Woodstock, IL

2019-09-21 Woodstock, IL

2019-08-16 Elkhorn, WI

2019-08-17 Elkhorn, WI

2017 Rodeos


2017-08-18 Elkhorn, WI

2017-08-19 Elkhorn, WI

2017-08-04 Oregon, IL


Grayslake, IL Afternoon 7-29-17

Grayslake, IL Evening 7-29-17

Henry, IL 7-16-17


Yorksville, IL 7-07-17

Yorksville, IL 7-08-17

Union Grove, WI 6-16-17

Union Grove, WI 6-17-17

Jefferson, WI 6-09-17

Jefferson, WI 6-10-17


2016 Rodeos

Monticello 6-23-16

Monticello 6-24-16

Monticello 6-25-16

Yorkville Rodeo 7-08-16

Yorkville Rodeo 7-9-16

Henry 7-17-16

Monroe 7-20-16

Grayslake 7-30-16 Afternoon

Grayslake 7-30-16 Evening

Ogle County 8-05-16

Elkhorn 8-19-16

Elkhorn 8-20-16

Eureka 10-01-16